The Top Agency Software Tools

Here's a selection of what we think are the top agency software tools. Trust us, we've pretty much used them all over the years.

Here are our favorite agency software tools, trust us, we’ve used them all.

Project Management

Trello – This really depends on the project but Trello has both the simplicity and user friendly aspects, but also the ability to tack on some pretty complex features with their add-on’s. There are certain massive projects where we need to use other tools, so we created a list of all the best project management tools and their pros and cons. 


Sketch – sketch is our favorite tool for screen design. Adding on craft by invision allows us to design quicker and integrate easily with our prototypes set up in Invision.
Zeplin – the perfect tool for handoff from our design files to our developers. Makes asset export and style guidelines easy and clear.


Invision – we love using invision to showcase our design, feel out prototypes/flows, and gather feedback from our team and clients. We’re also able to utilize it for documentation purposes for developers so they understand the context of every interaction.


Principle – being able to quickly whip up some animations is a game changer for us when we’re prototyping concepts and need to move fast. Once we’ve landed on a particular animation, we’ll use our principle files as references for our developers.

Time tracking

Harvest / Toggl – both of these tools are reliable, user-friendly options. We have chosen not to use either of them company-wide because we charge a weekly rate and most of our employees are working full-time on projects. Nevertheless, we do see them as valuable ways to track the total time being spent on each project as well as the individual time that some contractors may be spending.

Visitor Management Software

Envoy – we actually don’t use visitor management software, but every legit company I’ve ever been to that had check in software used Envoy. Really easy to use, great slack integrations and beautiful interface.

File storage

Google Drive – often permissioning issues and all sorts of random problems here and there but that comes with a tool that has so many features. We use Google Drive for storing files but also extensively use Google Sheets and Google Docs as well.


Slack – are there really any other options out there? I’ve heard of Facebook Workplace but don’t know anyone who uses it. Slack’s integrations and fun and easy to use interface are great, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive for us. 

Spark – we use Spark for email. Some of the latest collaboration tools are great (chat), and the workflow tools of archiving, scheduling, etc. are a great way for us to train new PM’s. It’s also nice that there’s a desktop and mobile app.


Trello – we used to use Copper (formerly Prosper Works) and enjoyed the gmail integrations but just found that we weren’t utilizing it enough to really justify paying for it. Instead we just setup trello with the workflow we were using in Copper, and added our whole team for visibility. We color coat everything by platform so people know exactly what’s coming down the pipeline.


Team Gantt – Team Gantt is invaluable when it comes to seeing a project from a high level. For each of our projects we can quickly sketch out the entire timeline and get a good sense of how the project will unfold. It also helps us to see how one project relates to others by seeing them side by side. Furthermore, we have also used this product to evaluate all projects assigned to a specific project manager and thus are able to gauge manager project workload and availability.

Got any tools that you’ve used that you enjoy more? Shoot us a note at so that we can share it with the community as we’re always trying to find the best possible tools out there!