Account Management

What is an Account Manager?

What is an account manager and account management? Account managers have all sorts of different titles but almost every company has them.

What is an account manager and how do they different from someone in sales? What kind of companies hire for account managers and what does the role look like? We often get the question as a tool that is built for account managers. 

Account managers exist at almost every company but they are called different names. The individual’s job title at the company may be an executive, a sales person, a project manager, a programmer or designer, or a customer success specialist. At times, companies will hire specifically for account managers.

Account management is a post-sales role in which the objective is to make sure that the customer or client is happy, the quality of work is consistent with their expectations, and the client is achieving their goals. Metrics for success include client retention rates and how large contracts grow over time. Account managers usually have strong relationships with their client base over long periods of time, which differentiates them with someone in customer service, who just handles one off instances of dissatisfaction.

Account managers can often be a client’s strongest advocate as their compensation is often not setup in the same ways salespeople are (commission based). Because of this the client can develop more trust with the account manager. When the client is successful in achieving his or her goals, contracts naturally grow over time.

Account managers that are successful usually have strong interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, have a broad knowledge base so that they can find the right person to consult on the right topic, and are highly organized and are able to follow up at the right moments.