How We Use Sonar

Sonar was built for agencies, by an agency. See how we incorporate Sonar into our daily routine at Fishermen Labs.

At its core, Sonar is software built for agencies by an agency. We built Sonar because after 5+ years running an agency, we could not find a tool that adequately served our needs. We understand how important it is for teams to maintain project alignment and solid communication with each client to ensure a successful relationship. At Fishermen Labs, we built Sonar into our daily routine, and we’d like to show you how too.


We use the Workspace to not only perform admin tasks for the organization like adding projects, managing users, and updating settings and payment options, but more importantly to get a quick glance at each project’s health and what projects may need immediate attention.


We have all of our project managers send out one Snapshot per week on a regular schedule for consistency. Our clients love this as they feel that they know exactly what is going on during a project. Snapshots are also a reminder to the whole team to submit more feedback.


We gather sentiment from our team members and clients every week which gives us a good idea of which projects are going well and which ones aren’t. Feedback takes less than 30 seconds per member to fill out.


Gathered through Feedback Rhythms, sentiment helps us see how everyone on the team is feeling week to week. The last thing we want is for someone who may have been working on a project for a few months too long, to leave disgruntled and cause a huge hole in the project team. Or for us to find out too late that something was really bothering the client without doing some outreach on our end.


We use issues to raise non developer/designer problems that need account management support. Project management software was designed specifically to raise issues on the specific product but it doesn’t address high level project issues (for example, a client expanding scope without providing additional budget).


We remind our teams to track all wins down so that we have a recollection of all the things that went well during a project. Often times when something goes bad, it’s easy to forget how many positive milestones we hit, for example, “we hit our November 7th deadline and onboarded 10,000 people on day one.”


We sort all of our projects by project health scores so we can immediately see the projects that are facing difficulty and may need attention. This is a great way for anyone who is interested in the health of a project to see how things are going, be it an account manager, project manager, or our CEO.


Often times project files are stored everywhere, google docs, dropbox, staging sites. A lot of times these are just pinned to a slack channel, which is not the ideal centralized place for links and docs. Quick links is a simple way we store all important links, regardless of where it is being stored.

If you have any questions about Sonar or if you want to just chat about our other workflows, give us a shout at