Agency Founder Interview Series: Greg Buckner of AE Studio

We interview some of our favorite agency founders and ask for inspiration on how they started, successes, and challenges. This is an interview for Greg Buckner of AE Studio.

This is a part of an agency founder blog series. We interview some of our favorite agency founders and ask for inspiration on how they started, successes, and challenges.

What is your name and agency? 

Greg Buckner of AE Studio

How did you get started? 

Launched two startups then joined a third before pivoting into consulting. Loved working with clients and building product so decided to make the move into running AE.

Why did you start an agency?

I really enjoy product and business strategy, helping clients building something they couldn’t do otherwise. I’m also a process geek and enjoy leveraging lots of process to make things happen.

What were your greatest challenges in getting started?

There’s a lot more to running a business than running great product teams. It’s been a lot of challenging fun learning HR, BD, marketing and strategy.

What are your greatest successes as an agency?

Our greatest success – building the operating system for the brain – is yet to come. We’re working on it internally here at AE.

What is your proudest moment in business so far?

Every time we ask a client to serve as a reference, the lead inevitably says “your clients absolutely love you!”. That makes me smile ear-to-ear.

What are your regular rhythms, processes and routines as an agency (e.g. send a client a weekly update), and which ones have been the most helpful?

We follow the agile process as best we can. Stand ups, estimation, design and retro as all used on our projects. These regular meetings are how we keep everyone in sync and constantly improving.

How do you keep your team creatively inspired and not burnt out as they are constantly working with new clients and new projects?

I think that’s the exact energy we harness to keep people sharp – new projects and new challenges. For us, every new client is a chance to improve our process and to tighten and tweak how we work.

How do you spend your day to day nowadays?

I spend my time training and mentoring our people, doing strategy work for clients and business development.

What’s next on the horizon for your agency? Any projects you’d like to share?

In the short term, we’re growing. In the long term, we’re working on internal projects to increase human agency!

How can people get in touch with you?